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State of the Middle East: Global Digital Statshot of Q2 2019

Digital Global Statshot Q2 2019 for Middle East

Digital Global Statshot Q2 2019 for Middle East

Summer holidays are just around the corner, and businesses will still be in session. Digital and social media marketing specialists out there are salivating for the latest data on users on the internet.

Courtesy of We Are Social’s fantastic work for each quarter’s Global Digital Statshot, their quarterly reports a goldmine of insights. The last time I wrote about the state of the Middle East was in October 2018. With Ramadan around the corner, what’s in store for the coming quarter?

Social Media in the Middle East

Social Media will be buzzing in the coming weeks during the month of Ramadan. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube will be abuzz with content to keep users engaged. Expect to see video consumption and plenty of food topics circulating from today.

Given the large social media audience in the Middle East region, this is how some countries stack up with respect to potential reach for social media advertising:

Mobile Internet Speeds

Although a few countries are working to roll-out 5G connectivity (Qatar and UAE have already deployed 5G), most of the world still uses 4G. Qatar (#3) and UAE (#7) are still in the Top 10 across the world for Mobile Internet Connection Speeds.

Rankings of mobile internet connection speed rankings (Q2 2019)

For the ones that make up the slowest connection speeds, Iraq and Palestine are some countries in the region that make the cut.

Voice Search Functionality

Given the power of built-in voice assistants on iOS (Siri) and Android (Google Assistant) on smartphones, we can’t forget other platforms like Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa. With the Middle East, Arabic would be widely used for voice-powered search and commands.

Voice Search – Q2 2019

Comparing the 41% share of voice search/commands worldwide, UAE and Saudi Arabia are just closely behind the global share. hat would greatly support the adoption of

Want to see more digital-related statistics from across the world? You can see the full Slideshare presentation below

Q2 2019 Global Digital Statshot by We Are Social

Until the next quarter of the Global Digital Statshot report, as Ramadan is only days away which will completely change it for the coming months.

Image Credit: Q2 Global Digital Statshot by We Are Social

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