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MENA’s gaming activity grooving to Spotify video game playlists

Overview of Spotify across different devices, as they prepare to launch in the Middle East

Overview of Spotify across different devices, as they prepare to launch in the Middle East

With the pandemic confining people to their homes, gaming has seen a surge in popularity. Whether it’s on your console, PC, or even mobile device (smartphone or tablet), music does play a role in it.

When it comes to soundtracking it, Spotify’s video games playlists have become an increasingly popular choice to complement the gaming sessions. Regardless of the genre, gaming has been keeping Saudi and regional gamers busy over the past few weeks.

Just in the past month, Spotify dove deep into the listening habits of users and made quite a discovery – gamers have been streaming more music than usual. The cherry on top? Tech-savvy players from the Middle East and North Africa region have taken the top 3 spots. You can attribute it to the hunger for online competition and empowering music.

Clocking in for the top-streamed female artist on video game consoles is Billie Eilish (also the most popular one given she also did the new Bond theme). Her hit song “ilomilo” was actually inspired by and named after a computer game of the same name. Her counterpart for top-streamed male artist was Lil Uzi Vert, followed by Juice WRLDXXXTENTACIONBad Bunny, and Roddy Ricch.

Spotify rounded up gaming listening trends like top-streamed genres, highlighting the popular time-of-day for streaming gaming across video game consoles and much more.

Whether it’s Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, racing sim, FIFA, or any other game, you’re likely pairing it with a Spotify music playlist. Got a gaming console? Spotify has a quick guide to help you set it up.

Power up your speakers to the Yalla Gaming playlist.

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