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Apple celebrates Ramadan across the Middle East

Ramadan 2021 by Apple

Apple is celebrating Ramadan across all their family of devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) and services (Music and Podcasts)

Last year, Apple embraced Ramadan with a curated selection of activities for the Middle East region. This year’s Ramadan activities looks to be goign even further – Apple is extending it to more of their services including Music and Podcasts.

App Store Ramadan highlights

Like last year, the App Store is featuring original stories and collections on the Today tab during the month of Ramadan highlighting unique content including apps and games with special offers. 

Apps featured on the Today tab have shown a spike in new downloads or in-app activity, which also benefits in terms of app discoverability.

Apps spanning different categories will be offering exclusive in-app Ramadan offers and themed elements.

Food & Drink:



Ramadan on Apple Music

To help you reconnect with nostalgia and legacy content, Apple Music is featuring “Fawazir Ramadan”, the Pan Arab daily hit show with famous celebrities Sharihan and Nelly, exclusively on the platform. The live recordings of the show are now digitized and released as albums for the first time to celebrate the golden age in Egypt. 

The Islamic Music Category is hosting a selection of new dynamic playlists with the overarching theme “Inspired by Faith”, including Qawwali, Anasheed, Dastgah, Na’at.

Ramadan on Apple Podcasts

On Apple Podcasts this Ramadan, there is a super-room dedicated to helping you find the perfect podcast.  

Everything from apps to podcasts and music are being highlighted by Apple, wherever you are based in the Middle East. You’ll be able to experience them on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Make sure to keep an eye out for special offers and promotions throughout the month.

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