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Talabat and Airlift expanding autonomous deliveries to Msheireb District

talabat and Airlift expand autonomous deliveries to Msheireb District in Qatar

Back in January 2021, talabat and Airlift Systems partnered up to trial a new way to fulfill deliveries using autonomous vehicles. That trial was restricted to the walls of Education City. This served as a test bed to learn how these vehicles will adapt in more challenging locations.

Starting from October 2021, Airlift will help fulfill talabat orders – food delivery and tMart orders – covering the entire Msheireb District. Only catch is you’ll need to approach them and open the compartments to collect your deliveries.

All these vehicles are backed up by remote safety operators for continuous monitoring. This ensures optimal safety standards while operating in public environment.

Talabat has been the first to trial such a concept in the entire Middle East. I’m anticipating the next step will be using drones. This marks the first time that we’ll see both food delivery and tMart orders being fulfilled.

One question remains: when will Airlift take the next step for using drones?

Image credit: Talabat blog

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