Digital Global Statshot Q2 2019 for Middle East

State of the Middle East: Global Digital Statshot of Q2 2019

As we enter Q2 of 2019, it’s time to see the the current state of the world’s digital usage penetration with the Q2 2019 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social. Plenty of interesting tidbits for the Middle East region.

Foxconn is planning to produce iPhone models in India

“Designed by Apple. Made in India” by Foxconn

With on-going issues with trade, one country with a large population may reap the economic and consumer rewards when it comes to Apple’s production chain. I’m talking about India.

Werner Vogels, CTO Amazon, speaking at the AWS Summit in Dubai (April 2019)

Key highlights from AWS Summit in Dubai

Amazon held its AWS Summit recently in Dubai, with some key highlights on Middle East businesses that use them and some new product additions.

App Store Search Ads by Apple

App Store Search Ads available in Middle East

Mobile is a big playing field, especially given the number of native apps for various services. The fierce competition to promote users to install and use them also influences their discoverability, and Apple saw the opportunity by debuting Search Ads on the App Store few years ago to select countries. Few days ago, they’ve now been rolled out to more than 30 countries including the Middle East.

Huawei P30 Series

Rewrite The Rules with the Huawei P30 Series

Huawei wasn’t completely keeping a closed lid on the successor to the P20 series, and they’ve officially unveiled the new P30 Series in Paris.

Uber acquires Careem in the Middle East

Another Middle East unicorn: Careem and Uber get hitched

Months of speculation and closed-door discussions have now bore fruit for Careem – Uber has officially acquired their Middle East competitor. In a reversal of their exits from other markets, Uber is looking to double down on the Middle East and North Africa region.