Lost your Klout? Measure it by keeping ‘Skorr’

Klout may have been the standard to measure online social influence, but it’s on its way out very soon. A new player has entered to fill the void to keep Skorr.

New versions of macOS and iOS unveiled by Apple at WWDC 2018

Biggest takeaways from Apple’s WWDC 2018 keynote

Apple’s annual WWDC has become the main gateway to new product announcements on the software level. Though there may be subtle announcements to hardware updates, it’s all about the software.

Ramadan Kareem message in Simcity: Build It on iOS

Even mobile games embrace Ramadan

When the busiest and most digitally active period of the Islamic calendar is upon us, businesses shouldn’t just throw it away. Mobile games have been slowly adopting Ramadan into their products to drive more activity and eyeballs.

A Fresh Start

Though I’ve blogged before, it’s not always maintained a consistent rhythm. What’s different this time around?