Social Media fame

I don’t brag but I’ve been fortunate that some of the things I’ve done have garnered some attention by well-known people in the social media sphere, even picked up by various publications as well.

Twitter testing new Shopping Cards

Usually when new features are being tested, it’s done in more mature established markets (e.g. USa, UK, India, etc.). This discovery made by me showed up for an account in Qatar, and the news started to spread wildly when Matt Navarra published it attributing the source to me.

YouTube pre-publish copyright checks

This new discovery was made when I was uploading a video, and then tipped off Matt about it. Got picked up by the following publications.

Certain publications started covering the news, but the content of their wrote up hints that they were briefed by YouTube under strict embargo. This is evident from The Verge publishing the same announcement but published after my discovery.

Even 9to5Google referenced the tweet by linking to it, but it seems they also discovered it before but didn’t publicize it. It’s likely that the feature was scheduled to roll out soon.

Below are just some of the fame moments I’ve witnessed

Spotting improvements to video on the Twitter Media Studio
Seeing improved video analytics data for LinkedIn company pages
LinkedIn rolling out photo-tagging connections
When one of my updates to my blog was picked up by the LinkedIn Editors’ Pick team

TEDxEducationCity 2012: Gulf Times

TEDxYouth@Doha 2011: Gulf Times and Gulf Times