Werner Vogels, CTO Amazon, speaking at the AWS Summit in Dubai (April 2019)

Key highlights from AWS Summit in Dubai

Amazon held its AWS Summit recently in Dubai, with some key highlights on Middle East businesses that use them and some new product additions.

Out with Souq.com, in with Amazon

It’s been almost two years since Amazon bought out Souq.com for close to $600 million. Aside from just small integrations, the big behemoth is likely exploring options to further corner the Middle East region with Souq going the way of the dodo.

Shopping at Amazon Go: quick, simple, and effortless

Nobody thought that Amazon would redefine brick-and-mortar retail stores with a unique concept – no queues nor cashier; you just walk out with the items you want and it’s charged to your account. Courtesy of a friend during my visit to Seattle, I got to experience Amazon Go and it works.