Heroes of Overwatch

Link up with the Overwatch Middle East server

If you’ve been annoyed by the unusual high pings playing Overwatch in the Middle East, Blizzard has heard your cries and launched their first Middle East server.

Apex Legends squad

Game On with the Apex Legends Global Series

Battle royale has become quite popular. EA and Respawn Entertainment has been making inroads into the genre since the launch of Apex Legends in February 2019. Now they’re doing their first global online tournament with more than 60 countries worldwide, and four of them are in the Middle East region.

Fortnite by Epic Games

Middle East gamers want local Fortnite servers

If you don’t know the game Fortnite, you haven’t been paying attention to this ‘battle royale’ game that has risen to worldwide fame in 2018. Now, players in the Middle East region have voiced one major request – local servers for the region.

Ramadan Kareem message in Simcity: Build It on iOS

Even mobile games embrace Ramadan

When the busiest and most digitally active period of the Islamic calendar is upon us, businesses shouldn’t just throw it away. Mobile games have been slowly adopting Ramadan into their products to drive more activity and eyeballs.