Pre-register for Disney+ subscription in MENA region

Ahead of the official launch of Disney+ across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, users can sign up for a special annual subscription price for the first year.

We’re still more than a month away from the official launch of Disney+ across the MENA region and the hype is building up.

While it would have been great that they launch it during Ramadan, here’s an offer you can’t refuse. You can enjoy 12 months (i.e. the annual subscription) of Disney+ for the price of 8 months.

All you need to do is register your interest interest to take advantage of the exclusive introductory offer to subscribe to Disney+ across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The pre-registered annual offer is based on the monthly subscription price.

Many Disney+ Originals like Star Wars’ “The Book of Boba Fett” and “The Mandalorian”, including the upcoming Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi and the recently released Moon Knight, will be viewable alongside the vast Disney library.

For many in the Middle East, you may not be aware that the new Moon Knight mini-series does has a good amount of presence tied to the Middle East (Source: LinkedIn):

  • Scenes were shot in Jordan
  • Mini-series helmed by an Egyptian
  • Female lead opposite Ethan Hawke and Oscar Isaac is played by a Bahraini (May Calamawy)
Moon Knight is one of the many shows you can watch on Disney+

Sign me up for Disney+

All you need to do is follow the below steps

  • Customers should visit to register their interest, where they can also find the full terms and conditions
  • From launch day (June 8, 2022), those who registered their interest will receive an exclusive offer link
  • This offer will only be available to those who pre-register their interest by June 7, 2022 and must be redeemed by June 19, 2022

If you want a more tabulated view of the special pre-registered pricing against the standard annual subscription, look no further than the below table.

CountryStandard Annual SubscriptionIntroductory Annual Offer
UAEAED 298.99AED 239
Saudi ArabiaSAR 298.99SAR 239
QatarQAR 298.99QAR 239
OmanUS$ 88.99US$71.50
KuwaitUS$ 88.99US$71.50
BahrainUS$ 88.99US$71.50
IraqIQD 49,998.99IQD 39,990
JordanJOD 28.99JOD 23.90
LebanonUS$ 43.99US$ 35.90
PalestineUS$ 68.99US$ 55.90
EgyptEGP 498.99EGP 390
TunisiaUS$ 33.99US$ 27.90
AlgeriaDZD 3,998.99DZD 3,190
MoroccoMAD 328.99MAD 260

Note that this is only applicable for the first year, and then you’ll be charged the standard annual rate.

Don’t forget to follow their MENA accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Going all social and digital during Ramadan in 2022

Ramadan is back and digital activities will reign supreme, spanning gaming and curated acitivites across all platforms.

I haven’t had the chance to do an overview of Ramadan-related activities happening on the diital side, since th last 2 years have been sort of different. But I managed to get the time to give you a taste of what to expect for this year, since there’s been some sort of normalcy returning to people’s lives.

I’ve been seeing many brands starting to pay attention to Ramadan,a dn it’s good to see theire making some effort catering to the audience.

Expect this to be a long read and to make it easy for you, I’ve put them as listed hyperlinks so that you can easily jump to the section that piques your interest

Fueling Your Gaming Activity

It’s not a coincidence that many habits will spike during this month, and PlayStation jumps in with their Ramadan sale. Everything from full games to add-ons and even micro-transaction DLC items are up for sale.

To spare you the time, you can read more about it here.

If you’re an active player on the EA Sports FIFA games, they’re sponsoring the Midnight Ramadan League with a special in-game kit for the game.

For those who play FIFA on their mobile devices, you may want to keep logging into the game every day to claim daily rewards during Ramadan.

Curated Selections on the App Stores

Mobile consumption – tablet or smartphone – means that apps will defintiely want to capitalize on the momentum, whether it’s on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Apple even has a special story (viewable on mobile) curating a selection of “Ramadan Favourites” on the App Store. If you’re also looking for some sel-fcare, they’ve also got a selection of apps While they only started it in the past few years, expect them to further bolster the offering.

Google is no stranger to curating Ramadan-themed specials, as it always take the top spot on the Play Store every year. Apps, ebooks, and audiobooks all get the special feature treatment.

Social Media Galore

Ever heard of Canva? Well, you defintiely need to check out this friendly web-based app for designing visuals. I’ve been an avid user since its launch years ago and this time they’ve got templates available for Ramadan.

A good resource to make quick visuals whether it’s for print or online (even for different social media platforms), supporting various popular dimensions with templates that can be customized. Take my word for it, since I’ve used the for a couple of my blog posts as well (note: even the header image for this blog post was made using Canva).

Speaking of social media, Twitter brings back their emoji hashtag for Ramadan across different languages (English and Arabic included). Wherher it’s #Ramadan, #Iftar or #Suhoor, you’ll see the emoji next to either of the words.

TV shows galore

One habit that will never reced is the jump in video consumption, whether it’s on SVOD services or across social media.

Suits Arabia is one of the many shows released during Ramadan on OSN+

If you know Shahid, they’ve put together a nice curated selection of shows to watch on the App Store. Just in time for Ramadan, OSN+ has debuted Suits Arabia (yes, that very same Suits show but tailored to the Middle East audience).

This is only just a taste of what’s been rolled out but expect mroe to come.

Disney+ launch date and pricing confirmed for Middle East

It’s finally happening. After their official announcement, Disney+ is officially launching across the Middle East and North Africa region starting June 8.

Wasn’t it only just back in January when the official annoucement for Disney+ coming to the MENA region was made? There was only the mention of summer 2022 as the timeframe.

Mark your calendars for June 8; you’ll be able to sign up and start streaming right here in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Pricing and features

While you may have watched some of the Disney+ Originals on OSN last year, that partnership ended in 2021. Your subscription gives you access to more including: Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and general entertainment from Star (in select markets).

From the details shared by The Walt Disney Company, Disney+ will have both monthly and annual subscription pricing. Pricing varies across each country, and some are using local currencies while others will stick to the US$.

CountryCurrencyMonthly PriceAnnual price
Saudi ArabiaSAR29.99298.99

Unlike some services that have tiered pricing with different features, Disney+ keeps one fixed rate and gives you the following:

You can get a partial headstart by having the app installed on your smartphone/mobile device. Expect them to update the app to enable the new regions (maybe they’ll even add support for the Arabic language).

What lies ahead

It would have been great that the rollout took place before Ramadan; video content consumption spikes durign this time, whether it’s online or available via SVOD. With the launch date at the start of the summer season, other SVOD providers in the region will be keeping their eyes open.

Current global subscription numbers on the service put it at 129.8 million (source: Disney). Expect that number to jump significantly, as the MENA region launch is part of their next global expansion phase. Parallel to this, Disney+ will also have an International Content and Operations Group; this could play a role in overseeing original content production from the different regions.

One question remains: will Disney pull all their content away from OSN, StarzPlay, and other SVOD providers closer to their launch?

OSN gets extreme makeover with OSN+ across Middle East region

The OSN streaming app relaunches as OSN+ across the Middle East region, replacing the existing streaming service with a new look and feel accompanied with expanded content partnerships.

The MENA region is already witnessing competition in the SVOD segment. Users are spoilt with choice and it all leads up to content being the prime reason to court subscribers. Whether it’s exclusive licensed or originals, the new launch of OSN+ is sure to give you more reasons to subscribe to their service.

OSN+ is adrenaline pumped

While users would remember OSN with their fancy red logo, you can’t forget they were streaming Disney+ originals for more than a year. That licensing partnership came to an end, leading to the official Disney+ launch across the MENA region sometime in 2022.

Aside from the new look with a different colour scheme, the search systems have seen improvement. This should help make discoveries even better.

The service is still home to a plethora of international, local, and original content. This is courtesy of their exclusive partnerships with leading streaming services and studios like HBO, Peacock, Sky Studios, Endeavour Content, and All3Media.

Expect some of the best movies and TV series from major studios like Paramount, Warner Media, Sony, Discovery, MGM and Lionsgate. I’m not sure how the MGM licensing will continue, since Amazon just closed their acqusition on it.

The Arabic adaptation of Suits is set to debut in Ramadan on OSN+

The SVOD service is making major inroads with Arabic content, and we can expect more titles to be announced. The biggest headline is the local adaptation of the hit series Suits titled Suits Arabia, debuting just in time for Ramadan.

On another note, the much-anticipated Paramount+ original Halo (based on the popular Microsoft game) is already streaming on OSN+ as it coincided with the release on Paramount+.

Use it like nothing changed

Everything will be migrated to the new OSN+ app, whether using web browser or native apps. The app has already been updated for iOS and Android devices. This applies to regular paying subscribers or users accessing it as part of a bundle with their local telecom provider.

OSN+ costs USD 9.50 per month, and you can test it out with a 7-day trial as well.

Disney+ launching across Middle East and North Africa in 2022

Disney+ is officially launching across the Middle East and North Africa region in Summer 2022. Marvel, Star Wars, and plethora of other content under Disney will be available for viewing at home and mobile.

Disney+ is officially coming to the Middle East and North Africa region this summer. The expansion is the third phase covering a total of 42 new countries and 11 territories. It’s finally happening after more than 2 years since its initial release, as the announcement came from the Disney Arabia account.

Back catalog and Originals galore

Since May 2020, the one place where people could watch some of the Disney+ originals had been on OSN. Unfortunately, that deal recently ended when I asked about it on Twitter. It likely served as the precursor to their official launch.

With the launch, you’ll have direct access to everything from Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic, and the wider cataloge from Disney. They will defintiely be adding Arabic subtitles and maybe even actual Arabic dubbing for alternate audio tracks.

Where and how much?

Disney+ will be officially available in the following countries: UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco.

The biggest question on people’s mind will be the subscription price. Will be a stadardized price regardless of location, or will be country-specific pricing? The service is priced much less than Netflix in other markets, in spite the latter recently announcing a price increase. Given the lack of credit card usage, it would be a better boon to partner with telecom providers with the option of carrier billing.

There isn’t an exact launch date aside from the Summer 2022 estimate. It would have been a bumper Ramadan if they decide to move it up a few months just for this region.

As of October 2021, the service currently has 118.1 Million subscribers acorss 64 countries. This new expansion will definitely see that number jump. Now would be a good time to have the app downloaded on your mobile device to keep it ready.

It’s going to be an interesting battle royale with so many SVOD options.

Image source: Disney Media Room

Apple Pay expansion and integrations in Qatar

Apple Pay is already being embraced widely across Qatar by more banks. In addition, the popular food delivery app Talabat also adds it as an additional payment option.

It’s already been a few months since Apple Pay rolled out to consumers in Qatar, making it the third country in the Middle East after UAE and Saudi Arabia.

While the rollout in Qatar began with two banks, more have recently joined and even a popular food ordering app has integrated it as a payment option.

Apple Pay your orders on Talabat

If you’re already enjoying the convenience of ordering your food or grocery items on Talabat, the app has now integrated it as another safer payment option. Who better to announce it than the MD of Talabat Qatar?

Of course, this is for all the iOS users and you need to make sure you’re using the latest version of the app. The option showed up as a default payment option while placing my talabat order.

Promo codes that would be linked to either MasterCard or Visa credit cards will still work, depending on which of your cards are linked to Apple Pay.

Image credit: Talabat

Fintech is really starting to grow in Qatar, and Talabat is looking to be setting the benchmark in embracing more convenient payment options for their users.

More banks, more users

The number of banks embracing Apple Pay has now doubled from the initial set. Account holders in CBQ (Commercial Bank of Qatar) or QIB (Qatar Islamic Bank) can now add their credit or debit cards to Apple Pay.

Credit and Debit cards from Visa/Mastercard from both banks can be added to your Apple ID. For once, I’m actually glad to see that CBQ has chosen not to reinvent the wheel since they also have their own contactless paymetn option known as CB Pay (which I hope will be retired).

If you’re wondering where to start, both CBQ and QIB allow users to add their bank cards either using their mobile app or via the Wallet app. While the official Support page on the Apple website still doesn’t show two of the new banks, expect it to be updated in the coming days.

Header image credit: Apple Newsroom

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