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Snap Launches Lens Creator Rewards Program in MENA region

Even with a growing Snapchat+ user base now totaling more than 4 million worldwide (including many in the MENA region since last year’s expansion), Snapchat has always been the pioneer in AR. Snap is now offering up an incentive for AR creators with the new Lens Creator Rewards Program.

The best part is that many countries in the MENA region can sign up for this pilot program.

Build Engaging Lenses, Receive Payouts

As per Snap’s official announcement, a Lens Creator could be awarded up to $7,200 for their top-performing Lenses in the United States, India and Mexico. The caveat is that the performance of your lenses will be geographically confined to the previously-mentioned countries.

Regarding the engagement aspect to judge the Lens’ performance, it’s by Snap’s proprietary formula based on views and other engagement metrics measured during the month. That also implies that the payment formula may be adjusted by Snap over time, hence no thresholds for the payout.

Eligibilty for Snap Lens Creator Program

The programme is open to new and current Lens Studio community members from nearly 40 countries worldwide, of which a good number of them cover the MENA region. If you’ve also had lenses published before, you can also enrol them into the new programme. For the eligible countries, you need to be in one of the folowing ones

GCC region
Other Arab countries
Saudi ArabiaMorocco

Additional criteria for eligibility to the program includes the following

  • Lens must be a public Lens (not hidden at all)
  • Reside in and submit your lens from one of the above eligible countries in the MENA region
  • Set up a payment account
  • Compliant with the guidelines and terms of the program

To participate, AR creators should build Lenses and can visit Lens Studio to check their eligibility for this programme. More detailed steps can be seen on their support section, along with a quick FAQ.

With this new pilot, Snap is definitely looking to keep its relevance regardless of their user base. From Snap’s official statement, the AR creator community on Snapchat has seen more than 3 million Lenses published that haev generated more than 5 trillion views