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Expo 2020 Dubai launches Twitter Emoji Engine

While the pandemic has notebly delayed so many events in 2020, it served as a great opportunity to make a bigger comeback when the situation improves. With Tokyo 2020 done, the next big event is the Expo 2020 Dubai.

Knowing Dubai, they’re giving people the chance to learn about every participating country with the power of a tweet.

All you need to do is tweet mentioning the Expo 2020 Dubai account, use the event’s official hashtag, and add any country flag emoji. The concpet is the brainchild of the Head of Social Media at Expo 2020 Dubai (disclaimer: also a good personal friend).

Handle, hashtag, and country flag emoji = knowledge

As the Expo 2020 is set to last for six months, this nifty new activation is quirky that the organizers want everyone to educate people about the participating countries.

You can use the Twitter Emoji Engine in either of the following ways:

  • Tweeting publicly from your account
  • Starting you tweet with teh account handle as a reply,
  • or responding to the official account’s tweet with the hashtag and country flag emoji.

Currently, around 40 countries info are active and more will be added in the lead up to the Expo 2020 Dubai. If you try to tweet using your country’s flag, the responses will vary.

How tweet replies will look if a country flag emoji doesn’t yet have a video

Each response will include a video corresponding to the country flag emoji used promoting its pavilion. Some responses may also include a link to the website, as this will vary by country. All of them will be coming from the offical event’s Twitter account.

The Twitter Emoji Engine will run until end of March 2022, which coincides with the conclusion of the event. If your country’s info is not showing yet, be patiant as the organizers are working to add them.