Calling all students in Jordan. Amazon Teckathon is coming!

Got a software-based solution to solve a problem while being a university student in Jordan? Amazon Teckathon is looking for you, with cash prizes for the winning teams.

Souq to Amazon in Saudi Arabia

Amazon shopping officially comes to Saudi Arabia with the launch of, replacing the Souq name and migrating users to Amazon.

Link up with the Overwatch Middle East server

If you’ve been annoyed by the unusual high pings playing Overwatch in the Middle East, Blizzard has heard your cries and launched their first Middle East server.

Highlights from AWS Summit in Bahrain

After their Dubai event few months ago, Amazon has hosted AWS Summit in Bahrain following the launch of the Middle East data center.

AWS Middle East is now online

It’s finally happened and will be a boon for businesses and many technology-related brands in the region. AWS Middle East is now online and ready for use.

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