Apple celebrates Ramadan across the Middle East

Apple is celebrating this year’s Ramadan with unique content and special offerings, extending it beyond the App Store to their other services including Music and Podcasts.

Celebrate Ramadan on the Apple App Store

Ramadan has always been a digitally-active time annually. Apple makes its debut during this time with a special suite of activities on the App Store.

Ramadan 2019 on social media and digital marketing

Ramadan is here, and it’s a peak time for social media activity and digital campaigns to hit our screens. What do we expect this time?

State of the Middle East: Global Digital Statshot of Q2 2019

As we enter Q2 of 2019, it’s time to see the the current state of the world’s digital usage penetration with the Q2 2019 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social. Plenty of interesting tidbits for the Middle East region.

Even mobile games embrace Ramadan

When the busiest and most digitally active period of the Islamic calendar is upon us, businesses shouldn’t just throw it away. Mobile games have been slowly adopting Ramadan into their products to drive more activity and eyeballs.

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