Qatar tops the Mobile Internet Connections rankings in the Q3 2018 Global Digital Statshot report

We all love to find out interesting statistics to not only help us better correlate and quantify some of the rational facts and forecasting work but to better gauge the current standings on where society currently stands across certain criteria. Since we’re now living in the semi-hyper connected reality with mobile devices wirelessly tethered to the WWW, we have the quarterly Global Digital Statshot report from Hootsuite and We Are Social to keep us up-to-date on where we stand with global usage habits.

Turns out that there’s a little success story for the Middle East in one of the sections of the report, that shines a bright light on how a country has constantly strived to provide faster mobile connections to keep with trends on data-hungry demands and future connectivity opportunities.

Qatar on top for Fastest Average Mobile Internet Connections worldwide

For the first time, Qatar has taken the #1 spot for the Fastest Average Mobile Internet Connections ranking worldwide. How did this happen? You could indirectly attribute it to Ooredoo Qatar’s recent roll-out of 5G towers (which also support the current 4.5G connectivity speeds and most likely come with improvements to 4.5G bandwidth) in the past few months, even though there are no 5G-certified gadgets readily available on store shelves nor on web marketplaces.

5G by Ooredoo Qatar

You’ve got to hand it to Ookla (the very same site that allows you to test the speed of your internet connections using their free Speedtest service), who just did their recent monthly tests that put Qatar on the top in June 2018; download speeds have been 2.5x higher than the global average.

When it comes to the fixed broadband ranking, Qatar still makes it to the Top 50 and it’s the only country in the Middle East region to come out on top. You can thank Ooredoo for getting people to move up to fibre connections in their homes and corporate offices.

There’s plenty of other interesting tidbits and quantifiable trends that you can see from the recent Global Digital Statshot report, so it’s embedded below for a quick flick.


Image Credit (5G header logo): Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons Attribution and Share-Alike 4.0

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