Rise of Q-Commerce in the Middle East with Talabat Mart

In a region where people have been reluctant to shop online, Talabat has greatly dispelled preconceived notions when it comes to food ordering.

Since launching and expanding Talabat Mart across the region during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to see the bigger impact of how they kept households stocked throughout the year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Self-driving vehicle in Qatar by Airlift systems with Talabat + Vodafone Qatar + Qatar Foundation

Autonomous deliveries in Qatar could arrive soon

Qatar may soon witness self-driving deliveries. Local startup Airlift Systems trials the concept at Qatar Foundation’s Education City with Talabat deliveries and leverages Vodafone Qatar’s 5G network.


InstaShop joins the Delivery Hero family

Talabat’s parent company Delivery Hero is bolstering their online businesses by acquiring Dubai-based InstaCart.

Talabat and OSN partnership

Food meets entertainment with Talabat and OSN

Your food order just got entertained. Talabat is giving away one month of OSN subscription when users place their food orders.

Order now and schedule your delivery with Talabat

Don’t want you Talabat order delivered once it’s processed? Now you can schedule it.

Talabat and Carriage

Delivery Hero is unifying Talabat and Carriage

Given the future expansion plans of Talabat, Delivery Hero has taken the next step of merging Carriage into Talabat’s operations. There’s big plans afoot for Talabat across the Middle East region.