Screenshot on iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series smartphone showing availability of Meta Verified for Facebook and Instagram

Rolling out the Blue carpet for Meta Verified across the Middle East

Meta brings their Meta Verified subscription service for Facebook and Instagram to the Middle East region.

Music is available on Facebook and Instagram across the MENA region

Facebook and Instagram launch Music in the MENA region

Remeber how you saw someone’s Stories which had Music, and it shows “Instagram Music isn’t available in your region”? That’s now a thing of the past, as Facebook and Instagram have rolled out Music for user across the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.


Ramadan 2019 on social media and digital marketing

Ramadan is here, and it’s a peak time for social media activity and digital campaigns to hit our screens. What do we expect this time?

Facebook Menlo Park HQ

Facebook launches Arabic fact-checking with AFP

Fake news and misinformation campaigns have been proliferating across active social media platforms in various languages. Tackling this behaviour would require independent teams to fact-check news topics, and Facebook is expanding it for Arabic users with AFP (Agence France-Presse).

Lost your Klout? Measure it by keeping ‘Skorr’

Klout may have been the standard to measure online social influence, but it’s on its way out very soon. A new player has entered to fill the void to keep Skorr.