PC Game Pass Preview expanding to more countries in Middle East and North Africa

Microsoft brings preview of PC Game Pass to more countries in Middle East

Get ready to experience PC Game Pass. Microsoft has announced the rollout of a preview to PC Game Pass to countries in the Middle East before the full official release.

Battlefield 2042 brings a taste of Qatar to gamers worldwide

While videos games have always included recreation of actual cities for an element of realism, EA’s Battlefield 2042 gives gamers worldwide a taste of the Middle East with a map based on Doha, Qatar.

Twitch lowers subscription prices across Middle East and Asia region

For the Twitch users worldwide, the Amazon-owned company has announced that they’re lowering their subscription prices by switching to local currency payments. Pricing will be adjusted to your location.

Abdo Feghali’s RedBull Nissan 370Z in Need For Speed: Heat

Drift in Need For Speed: Heat with Red Bull Car Park Drift Nissan 370Z

Gaming activity skyrocketed in the past months, and RedBull has released Abdo Feghali’s Nissan 370Z used in the Car Park Drift events for Need for Speed: Heat players in the Middle East.

Heroes of Overwatch

Link up with the Overwatch Middle East server

If you’ve been annoyed by the unusual high pings playing Overwatch in the Middle East, Blizzard has heard your cries and launched their first Middle East server.