Instagram rolls out download of public Reels to more countries worldwide

Instagram users worldwide, including in the Middle East, can now download Reels from public accounts.

Snap launches Lens Creator Rewards Program in MENA region

Snap Launches Lens Creator Rewards Program in MENA region

Snap launches Lens Creator Rewards Program in MENA region, offering users an opportunity to earn big payouts for AR lenses usage on Snapchat.

Screenshot on iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series smartphone showing availability of Meta Verified for Facebook and Instagram

Rolling out the Blue carpet for Meta Verified across the Middle East

Meta brings their Meta Verified subscription service for Facebook and Instagram to the Middle East region.

Threads is now available worldwide including across the MENA region

Meet Threads, Meta’s clone of Twitter rolling out across the Middle East

It’s officially out! Meta has released their official Twitter clone – Threads – on iOS and Android, and begins rolling out worldwide including the Middle East region

Snapchat+ MENA region

Snapchat+ expanding to more markets, launching additional features

Following the initial launch in late June, Snapchat+ is expanding to more countries across the MENA region and India along with additional new features for both existing and new subscribers.

Screenshot showing the new link sticker on Instagram

Instagram rolling out link sticker worldwide

Instagram is rolling out the link sticker worldwide, giving users the ability to add clickable links on their stories to any external link of their choice.