Twitter government account labels

Government account labels on Twitter expanding to MENA region

If you’ve seen Twitter accounts of the US president and Vice President, you’ve probably seen a special label underneath the name.

As part of Twitter’s transparency efforts, this is now expanding to more countries worldwide including the Middle East and North Africa region.

Twitter Fleets MENA region

Twitter Fleets releases across MENA region

Add another social media platform’s new Stories feature. Twitter is rolling out Fleets to all users worldwide including the Middle East and North Africa region.

LinkedIn Stories begins rollout across MENA region

LinkedIn Stories officially rolling out across the MENA region

Many platforms have been embracing the ephermal format popularized by Snapchat. After limited testing in select countries, LinkedIn Stories is expanding to more countries including many in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Instagram Reels

Instagram “Reels” rolls out in Egypt

It’s time for Instagram users to “reel it in”. Reels was launched worldwide in 50 countries and Egypt is the first one in the MENA region to avail it.

Flashback geekout with Matt Navarra and Chris Messina

Matt Navarra and Chris Messina were passing through Doha; one was heading home and another was heading to speak at a different conference. Only the true social media geeks would know their name, andI was fortunate to meet them in person.

Testing out LinkedIn Stories in the Middle East

LinkedIn has joined the Stories bandwagon, bringing their new product/feature to very select countries including the UAE. Now, it seems the rollout is expanding to more users on a selection basis.