Pro-level smartphone with the Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Update: September 21, 2019 @ 15:30 GMT

As the iPhone 11 Pro has been officially released in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, other countries in the region have launched their pre-orders as well with he launch on September 27. If you see your country listed below, head over to their page for details on pricing for the iPhone 11 Pro:

As announced at the keynote, each new purchase will come with one year of free Apple TV+ when it launches in November.

Move over iPhone XS and XS Max, you have a new family member that looks to cater to the pro and the average user. Apple just did its “One More Thing” moment by announcing the new iPhone 11 Pro.

Consider this pro model to be a step-up from the iPhone 11 that includes everything, but available in two different sizes along with some exclusive caveats.

Same iPhone 11 but Pro

Giving it a ‘Pro’ label implies that there has to be significant differences to the whole product family itself. How about a stainless steel chassis with a matte finish on the back, giving it a n extra grip when held in your hands? Don’t forget that it comes in four colours.

The Pro model comes in 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch, just like the iPhone XS and XS Max. Both of them are powered by the A13 Bionic just like the iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 Pro

If you want to geek out more about the A13 Bionic SoC, here’s some juicy info:

  • 7nm transistor design focused on both low-power and high-performance silicon
  • Total of 8.5bn transistors
  • Composed of 4 power-efficient cores, 2 performance cores, 4 cores for the GPU, and 6 cores for the Neural engine.
  • Design has been geared towards low-power design, allowing the chip to determine which areas get power to avoid battery rain

The camera steps up to the prosumer level with a triple-camera system enclosed in a square-shaped bump on the back. Each of them can shoot 4K 60fps with extended dynamic range, and has the ability to dynamically switch between them in real-time.

Even with the silicon improvements, Apple claims to have added an additional 4 hours more battery life to the iPhone 11 Pro compared to the iPhone XS; the iPhone 11 Pro Max gets 5 hours more compared to the iPhone XS Max. To ensure that you’re up and running without any waits, Apple is also supplying an 18W fast charge adapter for both sizes.

Both include support for WiFi 6 and will be available in 64GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. If you’re eager to get one, they’ll be available from September 20 onwards across the Middle East.

Price for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max is expected to be starting AED 4,219 and AED 4,639 respectively. Similar pricing should be in effect for the rest of the region based on the local currency. Release date may vary from country to country, so will update once pre-order details have been confirmed.

Story is developing, as pricing and release dates are to be confirmed.

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