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Who hasn’t ordered their lunch or dinner using Talabat? If you haven’t or never did, you’ve definitely heard of the name especially in the Middle East. Soon, you’ll be ordering your groceries via the same app; Talabat is debuting their new ‘Daily’ dark store service in the Middle East.

The first market where they chose to roll out their new service? It’s where Talabat got its start – none other than Kuwait City. Their promise is that grocery goods are delivered to the customers’ doorsteps in just 15 minutes or less.

‘Daily’ delivery in 15 min or less

It’s the first ‘dark store’ concept debuting in the region, with many more to roll across the Middle East region. Daily is looking to providing a wide range of grocery items at supermarket prices. The convenience alone of ordering via the mobile app makes it quite a compelling selling point.

Now the question you’re likely going to ask: what can you order? Items that users can order are not restricted to non-perishable items like tea powder, tissues, water bottles, etc. You can also get fresh produce like fruit, vegetables and meat.

Since their recent launch in Kuwait, here’s a quick breakdown of what they’ve witnessed with Daily users:

  • The most ordered goods on Daily include water, soft drinks, and ice cream and non-food items such as tissues and laundry detergent.
  • Customers order most during the night and over weekends.
  • Customers have been ordering their quick daily needs as well as their weekly grocery top-ups.
  • Currently servicing well over 60 % of Kuwait, and planned to be 100% in 2020.
  • Current dark store locations in Kuwait include Aerdhiya, Dhajeej, Al-Qurain, Salmiya, Jahra and Hawally.
Visual guide to how Daily by Talabat works
Visual guide to Daily by Talabat

With a little bit of luck, I’ve managed to score a few pieces of additional info by contacting Talabat and they’ve shed some insight on their future plans:

  • UAE will be the next launch market in 2020, starting with Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Future markets in the UAE will be confirmed.
  • The plan is to launch in all of the GCC markets in 2020. That means Talabat users in Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar will get to enjoy Daily.
  • Talabat have created the technology to easily scale up to demand and achieve their delivery time target, which would go hand-in-hand with adding more ‘dark stores’ and riders.
  • There’s no plan to add scheduled deliveries, as the timeframe between order and deliveries doesn’t necessitate it.

To expand the availability of their ‘dark store’ concept in the Middle East, Talabat is looking to invest 30 million Euros in 2020 to meet that ambitious goal.

Daily by Talabat can be used via the Tabalat app under the grocery filter card, which you can download either for iOS or Google Play.

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