Apple expanding Independent Repair Provider program worldwide

Getting your Apple product repaired is going to get even easier. As many countries worldwide are passing “right-to-repair” regulations, Apple seems to be responding to this global movement before it’s dragged into the legal challenges.

Before, you may have taken your iPhone to a local mobile store to repair it. The replaced parts may have brought up alerts on your device, showing that they’re not genuine due to the OS flagging the warning.

As it first launched in 2019 for customers in the US, it expanded to Europe and Canada in 2020. Accrding to Apple, there are 1,500 Independent Repair Provider locations in these regions.

With this announcement, the program would cover nearly every country where Apple products are sold.

How to become one?

From a local neighborhood store to larger franchise, repair providers of all sizes can apply. Those who join the program are granted access to genuine Apple parts, tools, repair manuals, and diagnostics to offer safe and reliable repairs for Apple products.

The best part of this program that there is no added cost to join the program.

  • The process for certification is simple and free of charge.
  • The repair providers that want to join the program can receive free training from Apple.
  • They have to commit to having an Apple-certified technician on duty to do the repairs; certification is also free.
  • Qualifying providers can purchase genuine parts and tools at the same price as AASPs. They’ll receive free access to training, repair manuals, and diagnostics.

It’s not clear whether they’ll start this first with their mobile products (iPhone and iPad), since they’re the biggest chunk of their sales. Down the line, they’ll likely expand it to the Mac family.

Starting this week, interested repair providers in the following countries/regions can apply to become an Independent Repair Provider: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, and Pakistan.

Later in 2021, the program will launch in the following countries/regions: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, and Tunisia.

Bigger impact of this program is a reduction of e-waste, as people still cling onto their devices even longer.

If it’s a battery or screen replacement, Independent Repair Providers will be competing on the basis of price to earn their business for repairing your devices. This also makes it more convenient to find a repair store closer to you.

You can also verify if a repair provider is part of the program from Apple’s website as the numbers grow.

Author: Yasser Masood

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