Spotify brings real-time lyrics to users worldwide

You know how you always wanted to find the lyrics to a song, but that requires you to search outside of your music app? If you’re a Spotify user, now you can see them in the app itself while listening to the song. The announcement came straight from their newsroom.

Best part is that it’s available to both Free and Premium users, and covers all platforms where Spotify has a native app. While this was only available in select markets, the global rollout means that users in the Middle East and North Africa region will get to enjoy this requested feature.

Lyrics will highlight in real-time to the song, regardless of the song’s language

Lyrics in real-time for multiple languages

The feature has been implemented in partnership with Musixmatch, helping to match lyrics to Spotify’s growing catalogue of music. An added bonus is that you can also share the lyrics as well, either on supported social media accounts or via messaging apps.

The lyrics will show up on the song in Now Playing View. Just swipe up from the bottom of the track and you’ll see the words highlight in real-time with the song.

The real-time lyrics feature isn’t restricted to English songs. I’ve managed to see it lyrics for a few songs in Arabic, Hindi, and other languages. Some of the lyrics for non-English music have been phonetically transcribed using English letters (think of a Punjabi sone but lyrics written using English letters). Some of the songs will show the full lyrics, but they wont be synced to the song itself.

Good numebr of Arabic songs have real-time lyrics.

Real-time lyrics is currently avaiable on smartphones, tablets, and the Spotify desktop app. It will expand to gaming consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4/5), smart TVs (Samsung, LG, etc.), and other supported platforms with the Spotify app in the near future.

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