Earn Anghami Plus months for every $100 spent on Booking.com

Anghami + Booking.com = earn Plus months

Many of us love to take our music with us on holiday, unless you happen to be streaming it which puts a damper on your roaming plans. The next time you are planning to book your hotel stay via Booking.com, you’ll be receiving a special bonus month of Anghami Plus.

Deezer logo (white background)

Deezer has come to the Middle East

If you thought the music-streaming battle in the Middle East was only going to be between Anghami and Spotify, make room for a third contestant – Deezer has decided to beat Spotify to the region as they are officially available across the Middle East and North Africa.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC running on iPhone, MacBook, and iPad

Adobe Premiere Rush CC is a kickstarter for aspiring video content creators

Since there are many aspiring ‘influencers’ rising up to match the calibre of global names knwon worldwide, they may not have the patience/resources/budget to craft professional video content. Adobe has released the new Premiere Rush CC app that takes the best pro-level features of their Creative Cloud apps and merges them into one multi-device editor, geared towards those creating frequent video content.

Music streaming boxing match in the Middle East between Anghami and Spotify

Music-streaming battle royale in the Middle East – Anghami vs Spotify

Anghami has had the lead across the Middle East and Africa region for many years due to their niche in Arabic music. With Spotify completing its 10th anniversary, they’re setting their eyes on this region for their future growth and expansion. It’s going to be a rhythmic battle royale in this region.

Google Play store

Carrier billing is live between Google Play and Vodafone Qatar

Buying apps and other content on Google Play just got easier for Vodafone Qatar customers. Carrier billing is now in effect, eliminating the need for a credit card and makes it convenient to pay for apps/in-app transactions.

eSIM support by Middle East mobile carriers

eSIM support across the Middle East

Does one major global company have that much influence to spur adoption of a new technology standard? Apple’s push for eSIM has already done that with the new iPhone XS and XS Max, as Qatar and UAE become the only two countries in the Middle East and North Africa with carriers that support it.