Carrier billing is live between Google Play and Vodafone Qatar

When it comes to buying mobile apps, it’s the same process as shopping online but there’s an alternative that has sprung up – direct carrier billing, where your account is linked to the mobile carrier on your smartphone for easy billing. This does add a level of protection and convenience, especially if you’ve forgotten your credit card at home.

Some of the best apps require you to pay for them, and Vodafone Qatar has just made it easier with the launch of carrier billing with Google Play. You can forget about using credit/debit cards, and this will work for both postpaid and prepaid (as long as you have sufficient balance for the transaction) users in Qatar.

Vodafone billing option on Google Play app on Android smartphones
Vodafone billing option on the Google Play app on Android smartphones

Set up is very simple for Vodafone Qatar customers, as you just need to Account on the side menu of the Google Play app and navigate to the Payment methods menu option. then it’s just following a few simple steps and you’ll receive an SMS to confirm the setup. The process is the same on all Android-powered smartphones, regardless of the brand. Billing will work not just for Android apps, but also for eBooks and movies.

Carrier billing adds a level of convenience and some level of protection as you don’t have to deal with divulging your credit card details to another business. If you’ve been longing to buy that one app but didn’t have a credit/debit card, now is a good time to set up carrier billing on your Android-powered smartphone.

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