Adobe Premiere Rush CC is a kickstarter for aspiring video content creators

Casey Neistat, Superwoman, Philip DeFranco, PewDiePie, iJustine, and many more are likely most of the names that you’ve heard becuase of the videos they have published. Over the years, they would grow their audience and the quality of their videos would evolve. This only fueled others to try their hand at vlogging but then they hit a roadblock – editing their footage, which would be time-consuming but also quite intimidating due to challenges in telling a story.

Ever wanted the power of Premiere Pro’s video editing, some of the visual effects from After Effects, and audio tools from Audition in a simpler all-in-one workflow? Adobe has heard your calls and has debuted the new Premiere Rush CC.

Under the Premiere Rush CC

Though the app may look like an iMovie clone, it’s much more than what you would anticipate. It’s geared towards online video creators that minimizes as much of the daunting work during the post-production process. You wouldn’t be expected to be an expert in video, color or audio to publish professional-quality videos.

Welcome screen of Premiere Rush CC

It takes the key and best features of Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC, integrates with Adobe Stock to provide access to professionally designed Motion Graphics templates, and comes with Adobe Sensei-powered audio adjustment features to handle music and normalize sound. With the power of the cloud combined with connectivity, you can start on one device and then seamlessly continue on another if you need a larger viewing area and finally export it.

Putting it to use

It may sound too good to be true, but I decided to dive into the app to see if it does live up to the hype. I had been wanting to edit some of my footage from more than a year ago, so I had an excuse to see if this app lives up to its intended promise.

It was a quick search on the iOS App Store and one tuch to download that it was installed on my iPad Pro. Since I already have an annual Creative Cloud subscription, it was just a simple login and I was directly whisked into a guided tour with a sample project with some footage to learn the ropes.

Now it was time to make my masterpiece. With video footage on my device and easy access to other title styles on Adobe Stock, the only thing missing was music. Fortunately, I remembered that I have a selction of royalty-free options on my Dropbox account. That’s when I discovered a convenient option of linking my account to Premiere Rush CC. A few taps and I was able to pull in the music for my video project.

Adjusting video aspect ratio in Premiere Rush CC is easily done with just a quick-select option
Adjusting video aspect ratio in Premiere Rush CC is easily done with just a quick-select option

Majority of the social networks have put more focus on video and supporting different aspect ratios (landscape, square, and portrait); Premiere Rush CC easily allows you to adjust it on the fly in your project. Since I intended to post this on YouTube, I kept it to landscape as the footage was originally filmed in FullHD.

After directly exporting the final video on my iPad Pro, I’ve been impressed by the exported result that you can watch below. You can also directly publish it straight to Facebook and YouTube from within the app.

Given the cross-device functionality of Premiere Rush, you’d probably be wondering which file formats can be imported so that it works across all devices without a hitch. Their user guide page lists all compatible file formats covering video, audio, and images but it’s noit that clear whether it’s only for the Windows and macOS versions. I was easily able to import a .wav audio track into my project via Dropbox without a hitch.

What do you need to run it?

The app is already available on iOS App Store, Windows, and macOS. The Android version is due to follow in 2019, and I’m sure only a few of the Android-powered smartphones will be able to support the app.

For iOS users, you’ll need to be running iOS 11 and should have the equivalent of the iPhone 7/iPad with the A9 SoC (and higher). macOS users should have a compatible Mac desktop/notebook running 10.13 High Sierra with an Intel Core i5/i7. Windows users will need to be running the latest version of Windows 10 with an Intel Core i5/i7.

Timeline sequence in Premiere Rush CC on iOS, almost resembles Premiere Pro
Timeline sequence in Premiere Rush CC on iOS, almost resembles Premiere Pro

Don’t forget that you need to be a paying Creative Cloud subscriber to use the app; you’ll get it for free at no additional cost whether you have the single app option with Premiere Pro or even the full Master package. The ability to open Premiere Rush CC projects in Premiere Pro for more complex edits requires you to have the latest version of the later app on Windows/macOS due to the integration with Creative Cloud storage.

If it gives any encouragement for aspiring video bloggers out there intimidated by the complexities of using pro-level apps, YouTube star Casey Neistat even gives his seal of excitement for Adobe Premiere Rush CC as well.

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