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Bollywood comes to Spotify with T-Series music library

A bigger and diverse music library proves to be a main draw for users to sign up to music streaming services. Spotify has just added T-Series' music library to cater to the Indian diaspora, and may give them the upper hand in bringing in more users.

It’s only been about three months since Spotify officially launched in the Middle East and North Africa region. Though the region’s focus has been to bring in more Arab music to their streaming library, you can’t forget another diaspora that represents one of the largest markets in the world. I’m talking about the millions of Indians who are residing in the Middle East and North Africa region.

They’re about to get a taste of Desi music from home – Spotify has officially announced that more than 160,000 Bollywood and Indian regional music tracks from T-Series has been added to its growing streaming library.

The entire T-Series library is filled with Bollywood and regional movie soundtracks, accompanied with albums from established and emerging artists. From your Bollywood favourites to the Bhangra hits, along with many other songs in regional languages, the T-Series library is already available to their users worldwide. Just like they did for the Middle East and North Africa region with the Global Cultures Initiative, Spotify has also updated their Desi Hub with the T-Series catalogue.

Adding Bollywood music from one of the largest music labels in India can’t be a coincidence. This could all be leading up to Spotify’s official launch in India near the end of January 2019, as reported by Variety. However, they’ll be facing local competitors (Saavn, Gaana, Hungama) and other global names (Apple Music and Google Play Music) who already have a head-start in the market. Having Bollywood music readily available combined with their global library will definitely serve to entice users to their service.

On another note, this announcement may also reignite the T-Series and PewDiePie battle of being YouTube’s most subscribed channel.

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