Bring it into the fold for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Though it’s been only a few months since they unveiled the smaller and compact Galaxy Z Flip in February 2020 after the first generation Galaxy Fold, all cylinders are firing up with the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

With people fixated on the recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, the Unpacked event didn’t shy away from also reinforcing the commitment to foldable devices.

Breathing new life into foldable devices

What’s different this time is a bit of consolidation in the naming. First it was the Galaxy Fold, then came a new form factor that was like a flip phone with the Galaxy Z Flip. Now it’ll be recognized as the Galaxy Z Fold even with the same dimensions of the first-gen device, taking the improvements of both its predecessors.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 comes with two edge-to-edge, nearly bezel-less Infinity-O Displays. The Cover Screen is 6.2-inches and the massive Main Screen is 7.6-inches. That makes both of them larger than the original Galaxy Fold.

If you remember the Flex mode from the Z Flip (base can act as a stand while apps work on the other half of the display), that’s being carried over to this new version as well.

When it comes to the internal specs, it’ll be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chipset (same as the Note 20 series). The display gets an improvement as well, as it’ll also support the fast 120Hz refresh rate. 5G will also be present, though it could be as a separate model.

Many will remember the problems with the hinge on the original one (even after the delayed the release to fix it), and it’s been reengineered. There’s a sweeper underneath it using elastic fibers to help clean and remove dust and debris, which wil help to prevent damage to the foldable display.

Don’t worry about the cameras, as you’ve got the external ones arranged in the same way as the Note 20. My guess is that they’re the same specs, but not matching the Note 20 Ultra. Remember that notched corner on the inside? It’s been replaced with a hole-punch design that makes it less obtrusive and gives you more visual real estate.

Other fluff

It’ll also come in two equally stunning colors: Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze. If you want something unique with a premium design, Samsung is again partnering with iconic New York fashion house Thom Browne to deliver a limited Galaxy Z Fold2 Thom Browne Edition.

There weren’t any more details available from the Unpacked keynote on the new Galaxy Z Flip 2 (not even pricing), expect for a remark that more details will be shared in early September.

Seeing how the first-gen Fold and then the Z Flip were priced, we could expect it to be similar. One thing is certain – this will definitely be coming to the Middle East region.

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