Live in Qatar or UAE? Try out the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 for free

Update on May 27, 2023: Seems that the trial offer in Qatar is not fully operational yet; when I called the Samsung Store, they confirmed that it hasn’t been fully implemented as they’re waiting on Ministry approval.

If you visited the online registration link and don’t see the Qatar location (it still shows +974 as country code option), give it a few days as I signed up as well and then got the email hours later.

While software and games tend to have a trial/free demo version, you don’t have that option for devices. The closest you’d get to trying a smartphone is at a retail store with display units, and they’re usually secured. Samsung Gulf is tapping into a unique opportunity – giving people in UAE and Qatar the chance to try the Galaxy Z Flip4 for 10 days at no cost.

Sounds too good to be true? It is true when the official account even publicized it as a free trial.

Try the Galaxy Z Flip4, then buy it

For a smartphone brand, this is quite a big leap in trusting potential customers with a Galaxy Z Flip4. It is a great way to drive more practical awareness, and even broadening the appeal of foldable smartphones.

It is “love at first try”, and I’ll commend them for such a move. While the device months old, it’s still quite a formidable foldable device as Samsung looks to carve its presence in the product segment.

Have you considered to trial it? Follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the website to register.
  2. Select your preferred colour and the Samsung Store location where you’ll collect it.
    • UAE: Dubai Festival City, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Al Zahia
    • Qatar: 21 High Street at Katara Cultural Village
  3. Fill out your name, email address, and phone number.
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions (based on your residing country).
  5. Then… Submit!

Those who are 18 years and below will need a parent’s authorization and a signature will be required in-person at the store. You’ll need to wait for an email to confirm that you can collect your trial device at the selected store. Make sure to bring your Emirates ID/ Qatar ID as they’ll take a copy of it.

Now, there are some rules to follow when it comes to availing this offer

  • Limited to only residents of UAE and Qatar
  • You need to return the device to the same Samsung Store where you collected it
  • Any damage done to the device means you pay for it
  • The device needs to be returned before the 10 days are complete

Next Steps

The trial offer will be running until July 31st, 2023. There are Terms and Conditions for both markets which can be seen at the following links: UAE & Qatar. Make sure you read them before consenting to the trial offer.

When you’re done with the trial and you’ve considered owning one, expect a special promo offer as a token of gratitude. You’ll have a limited time period to redeem it.

So if you’ve been holding back from buying a new smartphone, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. I’ve done it, so this is my chance to try it out since I still love my Galaxy S20 FE.

Image Credit: Samsung Newsletter

Author: Yasser Masood

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