PlayStation Play At Home 2021: Spring Update in Middle East

It hasn’t even been one month since Sony brought back Play At Home for PlayStation users. The console maker is really in the mood for giving from their latest blog entry. This time, further sweetening the deal by giving away a total of 10 games from indie and flagship studios.

Love for independent studios

You don’t have to assume that all great games come from just large studios like EA, Rockstar, Bethesda, and more. In the past years, there has been a rising tide of independent studios that have been making great games.

These are the games that PlayStation is showing their love starting from March 26 at 07:00 (GMT+3).

If you love VR, there are also a selection of free PlayStation VR games being made available on the same date. One caveat if you own a PlayStation 5, you’ll need the PlayStation Camera Adapter to use the VR headset with it (go here for more details on how you can claim one based on your region).

As an additional reminder, you can play most of these games via backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 5. You can claim these games by April 23.

Next Flagship Giveaway Game

Since PlayStation announced that they’re giving away a free game each month, you’re wondering what’s the next big one similar to Ratchet and Clank. It’s none other than Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition (2017).

Having played the game, I highly recommend that you claim it. It serves as a great segway to promote the upcoming sequel, releasing on both the PS4 and PS5.

You’ll have to wait April 20 to claim this title, which puts it just a week after the start of Ramadan. Then you have to claim it by May 15, which is just around the Eid Al Fitr holidays and makes for a good Eid surprise.

If you haven’t yet claimed Ratchet and Clank (2016), you have until 31 March before it goes behind a paywall.

P.S: your PS4 also has an added benefit of allowing PS5 Remote Play (if you still own both consoles).

Image Credit: PlayStation blog

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