Microscopic photography with the Oppo Find X3 Pro in the Middle East

While many smartphones have now been including multiple lenses – wide, ultra wide, and/or telephoe – in their feature set, sometimes it would be fun to get a micro-level view on the things we visually capture. That’s where Oppo has realized a niche opportunity and has ventured into microscopic magnification for smartphone cameras

Pioneering a new frontier with the launch of the first ever microscopic lens on a smartphone, the so-called ‘Microlens’ on the new Find X3 Pro delivers images with a level of detail previously only possible with a microscope.

While third-party acceessories have given people some form of microscopic possibilities (albeit with some visual distortions), the OPPO Find X3 Pro looks to bring it to the masses without the hassle of having lens mounts ruin the phone’s design.

Going Micro in a smartphone

While smartphone makers are incorporating some form of optical zoom, how does one even try to incorporate something as powerful as a microscope?

OPPO’s Microlens went through several stages of development, taking learnings from sapphire glass manufacturers and light guide manufacturers. Their aim is to deliver never-seen-before magnification on a camera phone, which also doubles up as a pocket microscope on the move.

The Microlens magnifies subjects by 30x optically (60x with hybrid magnification), going far beyond traditional macro photography. Colour, shape, size and scale, all look different at a microscopic level of magnification.

A tiny ring light around the lens provides balanced illumination while keeping the subject bright. Two side-emitting LED lights, carefully change and match the colour temperature range with the Microlens’ custom ring-light. You could believe that a traditional LED would have been too large and bright to deliver.

Dust and speckles are another distraction to seeing things under a microscope, as they can degrade picture quality while being magnified. Oppo has tackeld that issue as well with a custom cleaning solution makes it 10x more resistant to minute specks of dust or hair particles.

Oppo Find X3 Pro in Black and Blue Back

How does one even try to place such a lens inside a thin enclosure? They installed it on the back cover of the phone itself. That’s attributed to the unique mounting method required for a Microlens, as OPPO’s industrial design engineers had to work to maintain the structural and aesthetic integrity of the phone.

The bespoke ring light enables the Microlens to capture evenly lit, mesmerising images with accurate colour balance and a stunning perspective while maintaining design excellence.

One More Thing about the Find X3 Pro

You want to know another great thing with the Oppo Find X3 Pro, besides being quite a powerful high-end flagship smartphone? If you’re a fan of music, you’ve likely heard of Hans Zimmer (famed music composer for many popular movies).

The brand has partnered with the Academy Award-winning composer to help create a ringtone and other system-level sounds exclusively for this very model. He even made a song just for Oppo (listen to it below).

If you want to learn the nitty details on this, you can watch the interview.

Note that the Find X3 Pro is widely available across the Middle East region in: Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain.

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