Deezer logo (white background)

Deezer has come to the Middle East

If you thought the music-streaming battle in the Middle East was only going to be between Anghami and Spotify, make room for a third contestant – Deezer has decided to beat Spotify to the region as they are officially available across the Middle East and North Africa.

iPhone XR coming very soon to the Middle East

As it was first announced and unveiled in September, pre-orders are now going up for the new iPhone XR across the Middle East. Many are looking towards this model due to a lower price point, and having similar internal specs. Most importantly, it looks like a worthy successor to the iPhone X.

eSIM support by Middle East mobile carriers

eSIM support across the Middle East

Does one major global company have that much influence to spur adoption of a new technology standard? Apple’s push for eSIM has already done that with the new iPhone XS and XS Max, as Qatar and UAE become the only two countries in the Middle East and North Africa with carriers that support it.

ARKit 2 on iOS 12 and Apple Watch Series 4

You missed the Apple Watch Series 4

While everyone was fixated over the new iPhone models, the new Apple Watch Series 4 stole the show. Don’t forget about the release dates for the latest versions of macOS, iOS, and watchOS.

iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

You expected it! Here’s the new iPhone XR, XS and XS Max

With the Apple rumor mill cranked up to fever pitch in the lead up to the official event, Apple has confirmed most of what you’ve already heard regarding the new iPhones.

Will the Middle East region be next to reign in influencer marketing?

Many brands partner with social media influencers to further expand their marketing efforts, and they may not explicitly disclose the commercial partnership or affiliation. Some countries are already tackling this practice for protecting consumer interests. In the Middle East, UAE has taken the lead on tightening this. Will other countries in the region follow the same path?