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Though many are still hunting for new full-time opportunities due to economic repercussions, could freelancing be the middle conduit for businesses and individuals? How does an individual navigate unchain times when there’s no steady monthly income?

For individuals, it’s a great way to supplement your income. Businesses will enjoy the flexibility to hire people on a project-basis. There will still need to be work done during this time, but many may choose to pursue it on a project basis.

The idea of freelance work is still nascent in the Middle East region, unlike the rest of the world. Freelancers need a legitimate avenue to help showcase their best work as well. (loosely translating to “you want” from Arabic) is the window of opportunity for both businesses and individual freelancers in the region. The name itself fits perfectly for the service.

Sometimes it takes difficult circumstances to create the most unexpected opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic has really shown that remote work is equally effective and gives freelancers in the region the opportunity to shine.

Find, hire, brief, and pay with Ureed

Hiring a freelancer in the Middle East requires going through a lot of hoops and having a middle entity that’s registered to help with payments. The UAE has led the way in embracing the trend. The concept is still nascent across the region, but the pandemic has definitely spurred the demand for freelance services.

The way one can hire any freelancer is just by posting a project with full brief details. Then that gives the project owner the chance to easily evaluate potential candidates before awarding it.

Even as budgets and operational expenses are in flux, businesses can easily adapt. If there’s one problem freelancers may face is when it comes to payment for completion of services. With serving as the intermediary entity between the client and provider, there’s a standardized way for the clients to assess quality of work delivered.

Want to hire a freelancers in large numbers but don’t have the internal resources to vet them? also provides large businesses with such managed services (just as how they helped Noon with translation services to help expand their online shopping across the region).

Find a freelancer for any vertical

Businesses and individuals are not restricted to hiring freelancers as there are plenty of categories that can cater to any request. There are dedicated sections and sub-sections listing freelancers for those categories, helping you find the one that fits your needs.

Want to hire graphic designers or media specialists? Done. Need someone to help with copywriting and translation? has you covered. How about something more technical or specialized like consultant or designer? That’s even covered as well.

With remote work becoming a near permanent fixture, many businesses may see more flexibility in hiring freelancers to help them meet deadlines for projects. It’s a good way to hiring talent remotely if the pool exists in another nearby country.

I’m looking to give it a try both as a freelancer and hiring one. To give you a little incentive in hriing one, they’ve got a special promo running in October.

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