Get your anime fix with StarzPlay and TV Tokyo in the Middle East

StarzPlay isn’t slowing down: adding an Apple TV channel on Apple TV+ and hosting Discovery+ for it’s global launch. Now they’re looking to amaze anime lovers in the Middle East region by partnering up with TV Tokyo Corporation.

Binge watch TV Tokyo’s anime catalog

The new partnership between StarzPlay and TV TOKYO Corporation is a multi-year agreement. If you’re really an anime lover, you’d know that it also goes by the name “Japanimation” (since anime originated in Japan due to its different visual at style).

If you don’t know TV Tokyo, you definitely know their work with Naruto and Fruits Basket. That means you can watch all the episodes of popular anime series from the broadcaster including Naruto Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. All of this in addition to thousands of hours of compelling content.

In addition to the massive amount of library titles, STARZPLAY subscribers will have access to new weekly episodes of Boruto on a simulcast basis, several of them premiering in February 2021. STARZPLAY also has rights for Season 3 of Fruits Basket, which is scheduled for airing in April.

With SVOD becoming quite competitive both in the region and worldwide, it really reinforces the notion that ‘content is king’.

On an ending note, I leave you with some knowledge about anime – the word is pronounced as “uh-ni-may” NOT “ah-ni-may”.

Author: Yasser Masood

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