evision and StarzPlay Launch STARZ ON Across MENA Region

While the concept of ads for SVOD has been picking up with the likes of Netflix and Disney+, we’ve already seen a few FAST (free ad-supported streaming TV) options show up for the Middle East region. evision, media and entertainment arm of e&, has utilized their investment in StarzPlay by launching STARZ ON – a new OTT free-to-watch streaming platform bringing regional, Hollywood, Bollywood, English, Arabic, and French content in addition to sports all for free.

Breaking down STARZ ON

STARZ ON is being positioned as a new AVOD/FAST platform to all users based in the MENA region and West Africa. Sign up is free to the new service. Subscribers will have access to 50 Fast and Linear channels, in addition to thousands of hours of content for free.

Alongside live sports and boxing events, the line-up includes premium content in English and Arabic, with dramas, comedies, top box office productions, documentaries, and reality shows. Most of the content will be covered in multiple languages including English, Arabic, French, South Asian and others.

Subscribers will also benefit from additional exclusive FAST and in-house Linear channels from STARZ ON that will include “STARZON KIDS”, “STARZON CHILLZ” and “STARZON THRILLZ”. More than 40 premium channels (news, reality shows, Bollywood, sports and more from renowned creators) will be offered to provide the best free streaming experience to users across the MENA region.

AI is looking to play a role providing recommendations to engage users and deliver exceptional, relevant content to audiences to enhance their experience.

It will also offer a download and play easy to use features with a premium content navigation menu, auto-play and promotions for featured brands, languages and genres.

When it comes to advertising on STARZ ON, evision has stated that it’ll include new ad technology that allows smart targeting, addressable advertising and advanced personalisation.

Getting up and running

The news FAST service is currently restricted to mobile devices, as it doesn’t even show up on the desktop web. MENA-based streaming enthusiasts can start by downloading the app from Google Play and Apple iOS App Store.

STARZ ON app on Android

All subscribers have the option to upgrade to STARZPLAY within the app, with choices on your preferred option. Future plans for STARZ ON look to expand the diverse content offering to more than 25,000 hours and 100+ channels by 2024 available on all devices and SmartTVs.

Author: Yasser Masood

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