Who hasn’t visited Booking.com to find hotel rates before their holidays? I know I do. You’d also want to take your music along to relax, but maybe roaming charges for your streaming would encourage you to download them straight to your smartphone.

If you were looking for potential ways to get more value from the numerous services that you use (think of the loyalty programs that let you earn and burn), Anghami has just announced that you can earn 1 month of their Plus subscription when you book your hotels on Booking.com.

If you’re an Anghami user, you should have received an email about the Anghami + Booking.com offer

If you’re an Anghami user, you should have already received an email about the Anghami + Booking.com offer. To avail it, you’ll need to book using the dedicated microsite (which you can visit here) and also provide your phone number at the check-out page linked to your Anghami account. Otherwise you won’t be able to claim it later. You’ll receive a code directly from Anghami once you’ve completed your stay.

Note that this is open to new and current Plus subscribers, hence every Anghami user stands to benefit from this.

This might just have been convenient timing by Anghami, given that they would be going up against Spotify and Deezer having just launched in the Middle East region. Hence, it’s a good incentive to keep their loyal users hooked onto their service. We’ll see if this gets revised with better value, but only time will tell.

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