Game time with Apple Arcade in the Middle East

Many businesses have embraced a subscription model like Netflix, as they see it as the future. The gaming industry has been adopting it and Apple is joining in with Apple Arcade. Gaming has been a hit on mobile that Apple created a separate tab for it with the revamped App Store, and the new service will also live in a dedicated Arcade tab.

Pay montly, play unlimited

As if there aren’t enough games that require you to shell out money upfront, Apple is taking a slightly different approach. You pay a monthly amount and enjoy new games that will be exclusively available via the App Store. We’re talking about original games that you won’t find anywhere else, taking full advantage of the Apple hardware. Konami and Capcom are some of the renowned devs who have made exclusive games for the service.

The subscription costs $4.99/AED 20 per month and it can be shared with the family members as well. You’ll be billed each month, and you can cancel anytime a day before the next renewal. Games will haev no advertising nor any additional in-app purchases.

The biggest benefit is that your subscription also carries over to other Apple devices in your possession. This includes your desktops/laptops powered by macOS, iPad, iPod Touch, and even the Apple TV. Games can be downloaded and played offline without any sort of online connection.

When can you subscribe?

Apple Arcade will be available across 150 countries worldwide when it launches on September 19, which is the same release day for iOS13. This puts it a day before the global release of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro; they’ll be pre-installed with iOS 13, hence Apple Arcade access is available out of the box.

You’ll need to update to the newest version of iOS on your iPhone and iPod Touch before subscribing. Users of iPadOS and Apple TV will get it on September 30. macOS Catalina will have it in October with the release of the OS.

There will be more than 100 games available at launch, and everyone gets a one month free trial. Just to add more icing to the news, you’ll be able to use your Xbox One and/or PlayStation 4 controller for gaming when you update your Apple devices to the newest OS (learn more about how you can pair them).

Author: Yasser Masood

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