Celebrate Ramadan on the Apple App Store

Apple releases the new iPhone SE and expands services to more countries. Can this get any better for the Middle East? Well, yes it can cause Apple has embraced Ramadan on the App Store with unique and differentiated experience during the day and at night.

As the App Store officially supported the Arabic language since the release of iOS 13, this is the first Ramadan that users will be able to experience the App Store fully in Arabic with even more localized content. Non-Arabic speakers will not be left out, as a good amount of Ramadan content on the App Store will be mirrored as well.

Apple has commissioned illustrations by Moroccan artist Mohamed Smyej to depict the ’night and day’ experience, helping tell a visual story alongside the fresh App Store content during Ramadan. Think of it as a mirror of the sunrise and sunset periods equivalent to the duration of the Fasting hours.

Whether it’s day or night, the App Store will have something to delight (illustrations by Moroccan artist Mohamed Smyej)

Starting from 23rd April, the App Store will be transformed with a specially curated selection of apps as well as a distinct visual identity. With consumers’ lifestyles and habits changing before and after sunset during Ramadan, the day to night guide will showcase the different apps and games to enjoy throughout the distinct phases of the day.

During the day, users can discover a selection of apps from wellness and self improvement to cooking, productivity, and casual gaming. At night, the selection will focus more on intense gaming experiences (think Call Of Duty Mobile and PUBG). In addition, it’ll also include entertainment, streaming and photo and video content.

Day and Night with Games and Apps

A sample of what to expect on the App Store during Ramadan

Tabs in the App Store make it easy for users to discover new apps they’re going to love. It will also give you the chance to learn more about the kinds of apps you already love. Visitors can enjoy apps such as Athan Pro and Share The Meal during the day. Then they can transition to gaming and entertainment such as Call of DutyShahid and OSN during the night.

Today on the App Store

The Today tab will spotlight original stories that help users discover even more of what the App Store has to offer during Ramadan. These will include stories on what hit shows to watchRamadan essentials, an A to Z list to get equipped for the month as well as Ramadan game offers (based on your region) and in-game events.

Let’s not forget that Shahid also got a special feature as “App of the Day” on the App Store, which will greatly fuel more entertainment consumption.

This year, users can make apps a bigger part of their Ramadan journey by enjoying a full range of apps to suit all their needs. The Ramadan experience is already available across the Middle East wherever the App Store is officially available, both in English and Arabic.

Author: Yasser Masood

Think of me as a grassroots community evangelist. Juggling social media while covering technology/digital trends across the Middle East and crossroads of society and culture, while unearthing other perspectives that pique my interests.

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