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Half of 2020 has already been completed with most of it being confined to homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as we enter the peak of Summer 2020, music will play a role to keep us entertained. Spotify’s current user base across 79 markets worldwide stands at 286M, out of which 130M are premium subscribers (including myself).

Beyond the listening habits of gamers and to help liven up the remaining of the summer period, Spotify has two announcements to open up the summer of music:

  • The launch of Your Summer Rewind in the MENA region (a personalized playlist featuring your past summer favorites)
  • Spotify is sharing its predictions for songs that are likely to soundtrack summer 2020.

Your Summer Rewind on Spotify in MENA

If nostalgia is your thing this summer, Spotify has just the thing with the launch of Your Summer Rewind in MENA- a personalized playlist featuring your past summer favorites. It’s a collection of summer jams made just for you. Take a walk down memory lane and listen to the songs you love but may have forgotten about.

In order to qualify for Your Summer Rewind, listeners need to have previously listened to summer songs in previous years (i.e. they must have streamed a number of tracks during the summer of 2019 and/or in summers dating back to 2016).

Whether it’s to escape with more great music or you’re new to Spotify? Spotify’s Summer Hub has something for you to find Your Summer Rewind as well as a mix of the hottest playlists for your summer.

Spotify Your Summer Rewind

“Your Summer Rewind” is now available for both Free and Premium listeners on iOS and Android in the followign regions

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Palestine

Spotify Songs of the Summer

The Songs of Summer predictions are based on a number of factors: streaming numbers, current trajectory and future forecasting from Spotify’s global curation team. These are spanning a variety of music genres.

Across the GCC expect to hear a lot of Ali Jassim & Ali Majid’s “L7katni Lelbustan” and “Biallah Latakhtabirh” by Fahd Bin Fasla in the coming months. Also certain to be racking up the streams, potentially as soundtracks to summer heartbreaks, will be Yasmeen’s “Rouh w Nsani” and Mahmoud Al-Turky’s “Tadrun Shqali”. ًWhile Bader Al Shuaibi’s hypnotic tune “Ana Wayah” and “Tarshola” by Queen G are likely to be mainstays during this season.

For the Levant region, Amjad El Jomaa’s “Ana Lamma Bheb” looks set to a be a seasonal favourite as well as “Ana Weyak” by Ziad Bourji, Adham Nabulsi’s “Hathi Ente W Hatha Ana” and “Dalaa Dalouna” by Mohammad Assaf.

Global trends are also sure to be picked up around the region with the following tracks identified by Spotify’s curators as potential ear candy for summer 2020 (tracks listed in no particular order, listen to the entire list of predictions in this playlist):

Header image credit: Spotify Newsroom blog

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