PlayStation Plus gets a price increase across MENA region

It’s been more than a year since Sony launched the revamped PlayStation Plus service, gradually rolling it out region-by-region. While the Middle East region saw the rollout in the summer 2022 period, not all good things stay the same.

PlayStation has recently announced that the 12-month subscription is going to have a price increase globally. That also includes gamers in the Middle East and North Africa region. Note that this only affects the annual plan for all the tiers (Essential, Extra and Deluxe).

PlayStation Plus Tiers
Subscription tiers for PS Plus and their features

The pricing change was announced on their official blog, right near the end of announcing the montly games. Reason? “This price adjustment will enable us to continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service,” the company said.

For some more context, here’s how the new pricing looks in their other markets for the 12-month plan

PlayStation Plus TierUSEuropeUKJapan

I wanted to wait and see how much the MENA region would pay. Luckily, I captured the pricing before the updated pricing was published on 7 September. Below is the comparison for the MENA region.

PlayStation Plus TierPrevious Price (12 months)New Price (12 months)
Price comparison on new PS Plus 12-month plan

If you have already renewed your 12-month subscription, you’ll be paying the new price on your next renewal on/after 6th November. If you do make any mebership changes like upgrades or downgrades, it will reflect the new pricing.

Image Credit: PlayStation Blog

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