Delivery Hero is unifying Talabat and Carriage

If you’re already familiar with both Talabat and Carriage, then you may also know that both are under the same parent company that is Delivery Hero.

Knowing what the future holds when it comes to food delivery, Delivery Hero is taking the next big step in the Middle East.

You may think that Talabat and Carriage are merging their operations, but it’s the latter that is being absorbed by the former given Talabat’s future expansion plans that includes on-demand grocery deliveries covering the Middle East.

Carriage served on a platter

Seeing how many people use both apps, I contacted Talabat to get more clarity on this merger.

A source close to the business has said: “To better fulfil our mission in creating an amazing delivery experience for our customers, we have made the strategic decision to integrate our operations in the Middle East. As a result, Carriage’s operations will be gradually absorbed by Talabat and other Delivery Hero brands in the region.”

It’s a logical step for them to consolidate talent, knowledge and resources under Talabat. This makes them more agile for their growth and adapting to the market, and allows them to further invest in strengthening the customer experience in the region.

Carriage also has dedicated teams in Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar. They will be absorbed into Talabat’s current operations.

If you have any doubts that Carriage would be closed off soon, you can still place your orders uninterrupted. It’s the backend of Carriage that will be migrating to Talabat, giving restaurant one unified place to manage orders.

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Author: Yasser Masood

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