eSIM support by Middle East mobile carriers

eSIM support across the Middle East

Does one major global company have that much influence to spur adoption of a new technology standard? Apple’s push for eSIM has already done that with the new iPhone XS and XS Max, as Qatar and UAE become the only two countries in the Middle East and North Africa with carriers that support it.

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Qatar tops the Mobile Internet Connections rankings in the Q3 2018 Global Digital Statshot report

It’s always good to look at the current state of the world’s digital usage penetration with the quarterly report by Hootsuite and We Are Social. With the ever growing demand for faster bandwidth and more digital assets being consumed worldwide, there are quite some interesting tidbits for the Middle East – specifically for Qatar.

Will the Middle East region be next to reign in influencer marketing?

Many brands partner with social media influencers to further expand their marketing efforts, and they may not explicitly disclose the commercial partnership or affiliation. Some countries are already tackling this practice for protecting consumer interests. In the Middle East, UAE has taken the lead on tightening this. Will other countries in the region follow the same path?

The road to 5G in the Middle East

Hunger for faster wireless connectivity along with more devices that will be interconnected worldwide has already sped up the deployment of 5G in the Middle East. Both Qatar and UAE are vying to be the first to rollout this standard. But have they pulled the trigger too soon?